Baby Steps DO Count!

20150412_162200As you can probably tell, I don’t post here often. I used to, but I deleted all the old content. Going through some of that stuff brought laughter and other stuff brought tears while other stuff reminded me of how far I’ve come over the years.  Speaking of how far I’ve come I wanted to share something with you today.

I went for a one mile walk.

I know. To some that probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. But for me, it’s a really big deal. You see a few months ago, I couldn’t even walk through the grocery store without breaking into a sweat, my heart racing, feeling light headed and my knees/back hurting.

Not long ago I went to the mall to go shopping with a friend and had to sit the entire time she shopped because I was sweating so bad, couldn’t catch my breath and hurt just from walking from the car to the inside of the mall.

On February 6th I went out dancing with some friends to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday. After just a few songs I thought I was going to pass out (and oh how I wanted to dance the night away!). I was dizzy, my heart was racing, I was sweating profusely and I couldn’t catch my breath. As I went outside to try and cool down, unbeknownst to me there was a conversation going on about whether an ambulance needed to be called. In the end, one wasn’t called. [Read more…]

Self Love, Confidence, Change… Oh My!

2014 Theme WordsIt’s been a long time since I’ve wrote on here and I really miss it. I miss just having this space to write for no reason other than because I want to do it. I went through a phase where I started feeling silly for having this blog – feeling like I was too old to have a ‘just for fun’ sort of blog. But I’ve learned something the last few days (in light of my 39th birthday)…I’m not too old to do things that make me happy! And writing here used to make me happy and I miss it, so I’m coming back to this place, but only when I feel the urge to write! Anyways…enough lame small talk. It’s time to get to good stuff – my 2014 words.

I was always one of those people who had good intentions to follow my New Years Resolutions. And I did…for about 3 weeks maybe a little longer. I just never stuck to them. Then a few years ago I was introduced to the concept of choosing a word(s) – no more than 3 though – as your theme for the year. Here’s a post about it for this year. It made a lot more sense to me to pick a word or two that would be my theme for the year. Last year (2013) one of my theme words was creative and that gave me an ‘excuse’ to dig a little deeper into my photography hobby.

This year there were 3 words that jumped off the page and resonated with me: [Read more…]