Day 2 of the Meds

Yesterday was a rough day with my meds. I slept a lot. Not just a lot but literally all day and night except for a few times when I woke up for a little bit. I did stay awake from about 11pm until 1am (which was good because I had some VA stuff that I had to get done) but then I was out again.

I’m still feeling really sick to my stomach but I think it’s my fault that I was throwing up yesterday & sick to my stomach today. It says to take with food but I have no appetite (hey that’s a plus for me! LOL) what so ever so I haven’t ate anything since Friday. I should probably buy some Saltine crackers and eat a few of those so there is something in my stomach when I take my medicine from now on.

As for the drowsiness? I’m still pretty groggy today but not as bad as yesterday. Today I have been able to keep my eyes open for longer than 20-30 minutes and not fall asleep. Driving is an issue at the moment and until I don’t feel so groggy I’m not going to be traveling any great distances. I’m also still dealing with the dry mouth, muscle aches and sinus issues. I also have a pretty bad headache today.

Because it’s only the 2nd day on my meds nothing will be changed as of right now. My body needs some time to adjust to them. All I can say is Lord please help my body adjust quickly because I don’t like being so groggy, spaced out or any of the other side effects I’m dealing with.


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    Ugh, I hope you start feeling better soon. Did they give you an idea of how long you may experience these side effects? If they didn’t, I would ask so you know when about you should be feeling better. And if you’re not by that time, then you’ll know they may need to adjust your dosage or try another medication. Feel better!!

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    There are lots of meds out there – if this one doesn’t change soon, you need to try something different. I take meds for seizures, and I remember one particular one that when I was taking it I couldn’t put three words together to make an intelligent sentence. These meds change the way our brain works – I eventually found the right one, but it took a long time.

    Don’t settle for something that makes you feel like crap. Yes, there is an adjustment period, but don’t give it longer than a week before you call your doc for something else.

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