Week #7 Weigh In

I’m down 2 more pounds from last week. Well ok to be technical and exact, I am down 2. 4 more pounds ;-)

My grand total of weight loss now is 26.6 lbs!

My goal is 50 more pounds by the time August rolls around and Seth has his R&R (rest and relaxation). I have about 5 months to do it so I’m going to have to keep working really hard!


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    Okay did you ever say what you are doing so you lost so much? I am going back on la weight loss this week and joining the Y today. I’d love to lose at the rate you are!

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  2. Sharon says

    Wow Tishia you must be proud, thats a good amount of weight taken off! I was listening to the show today (actually this evening )and you said you had a problem getting more than one meal well, at one of my thinner times of my life I was the same way, what I found was easier for me was to eat smaller meals through out the day instead of two or three larger ones, this may be easier on your shrunken stomach and some people say it keeps your energy level high because you are fueling your body more often. CONGRATS!!!

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    That is FABULOUS, Tishia!!! I have faith that you can do it!
    Doesn’t it always seem to come off easier when you first start out though? Don’t be discouraged if it starts coming off slower…you can totally do it!
    Having a handsome soldier for motivation certainly doesn’t hurt. :)

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    How Exciting. I heard on the Moms Morning Show that things were going smoothly and it wasnt that hard of an adjustment. That is wonderful. I am so excited for you sweetie. Keep up the good work and know we are here to keep you in line ;)

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